Best bets. Take Romney -3 1/2 and Perry on the money line.

08 Sep 2011

Best bets for some people are bets on anything that will move.  You can get a line on government elections, with the Presidential election being kind of like the Super Bowl. You can wager on the Oscars, the Emmys and the exact date of the end of the world. We on the other hand try to keep it reigned in to things like NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, and NHL.  We will even venture into horse racing like we did this year with a major score on the Kentucky Derby with Animal Kingdom at 26-1!


The point is, every one of our bets is a best bet. Not a “lock of the century” or a “slam dunk”, but rather a well thought out precise analysis of a game. Adamwins is a business, conceived and run like a business for one sole purpose, and that is to deliver a reasonable rate of return for the investment made by our clients. What you see here at our corporate campus is not what you would expect.


There are no sports bobble-heads. No signed helmets. No autographed jerseys. What you will see are upwards of 122 professionals in corporate green and white apparel. You know what the green stands for.


If you think of wagering as a business, and not as gambling, you can make a great deal of money. Life-changing money. If you need action, you are probably not a candidate for our services.


If you need carefully planned  strategic  selections, get in touch with us. That would be your best bet of the day.