Entry #57…Are you ready for some baseball?…July 30, 2010

30 Jul 2010

It’s August, and football is just around the corner.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a little stash to start off the season?  How do we do it?  We could clip coupons,  do the food shopping for our wives and pocket the savings.  Or, we could stiff the paper boy. He never hits the porch anyway.  Or……how about we let baseball fund our football. August has always been an incredible month for us.


It’s the month that separates the boys of summer from the men of summer.  Baseball in August is like the next to last stage of the Tour De France without the extremely annoying Lance Armstrong. It’s that time when the real talent and perseverance kicks in.  It’s when smart management gets in under the trade deadline and positions itself for a run.  These are the intangibles that I always talk about.  But they are the very core of what gives us an edge which has historically yielded 65-70% win rates.


You have to know what to look for. Who’s running out the ground balls, and who’s mailing it in.  There are still about 60 games to go, and the good news is the division races are tight, along with the wild cards.  I could take you through 20 years of statistical realities.  I could remind you that there are franchises that actually believe they are cursed (poor Cubs) completely psyched out. And then there are the Titans, the warriors, who play through the pain, the heat and the dog days of Summer.  These are the guys that are held together by miles of tape, bags of ice, and immeasurable grit.  There are no statistics for that.  Just a good eye and an instinct.


Reggie owns October. But you can call me Mr. August.